September 11, 2013

Let me tell you this.

Don’t let words eat you up. When someone tells you that you aren’t lovable because you don’t act according to their standards or expectations, don’t listen to them or take any shit from them. You are so much more than the words they say, and you are so much stronger than that. Just because you’re not the standards of what beauty is portrayed in people’s eyes, just know that everyone’s definition of beauty varies from each individual on the spectrum of the earth. Just because someone tells you that they don’t need you, doesn’t mean you’re not needed. You are. You’re placed on this earth for a reason, perhaps to change people and to make changes—to make a difference in people life. It’s comforting to know that you can touch people’s life and make the slightest change because without you in it, then it alters everything else they do after you.

Do you noticed this? After you encounter someone even if it’s for a day or an hour, they alter whatever you do accordingly afterward. It’s the slightest change whether it’s because you did something embarrassing in front of them, then smiled or even blushed. After this, you’ll remember them slightly because of this awkward moment, and afterwards you’ll act differently for a while. Even for a day, you matter to someone or you made someone’s day. This is something to live for, and something to grow to love.

You are lovable, you are important. Don’t you ever forget that because what others say, don’t matter as long as you’re just doing you. If you’re doing you and not living under anyone’s shadow, then you’re doing fine regardless of mistakes. You’re doing fine, don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re okay, and this is just a daily reminder that you’re loved even if someone says otherwise.