September 12, 2013

Inspire someone. 
Motivate yourself. 
Make morning tea or late night coffee to stay up for an important project. 
Do an act of kindness for a stranger. 
Smile at someone. 
Read a few chapters of a book you’re reading. 
Do your chores early and relax. 
Take a minute to smell flowers, or observe nature. 
Deliver a gift to someone you love. 
Mail a handwritten letter or give it to someone face to face. 
Put a little faith in someone. 
Go hiking. 
Do yoga. 
Work out for an hour. 
Lay in bed for ten extra minutes. 
Call someone just to hear the sound of their voice and try to remember it. 
Go people-watching in a cafe or sitting outside somewhere. 
Help someone carry their groceries from across the street. 
Lay in bed and listen to music for an hour, and allow your mind to ponder. 
Take power naps. 
Buy a dozen of rose for your mother or your favourite female person in the world. 
Surprise someone in a heart-felting way. 
Pay for someone’s lunch or dinner. 
Drop a random uplifting note for a stranger. 
Buy ice cream for a person who looks sad. 
Watch a horror film and scare yourself shitless. 
Tell someone you miss them or love them when you mean it and feel it. 
Visit someone and show up at their door step, just drop off food for them, and tell them you appreciate them, then go back home. 
Laugh at stupid things. 
Dance your heart out even if you look silly. 
Write letters. 
Draw what you see in your head. 
Be creative. 
Make little things for others.
Don’t wait for the little things. Work for them, and appreciate it. 
Let things fall into place. 
Keep going at your own pace. 
Don’t always rush. 
Don’t be impatient. 
Don’t mind what others think about you. 
Be yourself. Be content, or better yet, be happy. 
Grow. Learn. Forgive. Love yourself. 
Do things that make you feel better, and if it benefit others, then do it. 
Be considerate. Don’t be insensitive. 
Have emotions. Don’t be numb. 
Be at peace with yourself, someday. 
Be wonderful in all that you can be. 
Be tired. Be sad. It’s okay. 
Work hard, and it’ll be rewarded. 
Be beautiful and stay beautiful, but keep growing. 
There’s always room for growth and for better or worse, it’s up to you. 
You define your own character. Nobody else. Just you. Keep growing. You’ll be okay. 
Have a little faith, and you’ll be okay.