March 12, 2014

One of my favourite things to do is experience nature (as well as trying to do justice to their beauty with the photos I take, hence the photos). I love looking back on the photos I've taken of trees. There is just something so mysterious about them; I can easily take the whole day off just to sit in front of my window, watch the trees sway side to side, and create little stories about the trees while finishing cups of tea. 

I'm just over-blessed to be able to see these plants on a daily basis. When the time's right, they give me the simplest yet surprisingly most elegant explosions of inspiration. 

Call me a hippie-tree-hugger, and I'll rightfully accept it. They're just amazing to have around, AND they provide me much of the oxygen that I need, amongst other things, anyway. So worth my time and breaths to admire their beauty.

I honestly felt a bit of guilt, wondering how on earth this odd tree never caught my attention before. It gave me a sense of eeriness, especially on such a grey day. But it was an awesome shot of adrenaline sort of eeriness, like sudden goosebumps across my skin.