July 26, 2013

Everyone & myself.

It's you, plain and you have your simple life. The next time you think that your life sucks, or you're about to say that to someone you know, think of that huge hole in the ground where all the other people are wallowing in their own depressing filth, and then look up at the sky and see the birds and the clouds and the endless blue azure shimmering through the skyline and ask yourself. Where would you rather be? You are here. And you still here, alive. You should be glad for that. You should thank for that. You maybe got nothing to do with the past, but please do experienced that for your future. You have no reason to blame the fate. You have nothing to deal with that. Believed that God have plan for us. Yes, a good plan. And who are we to blame the regulations that have set for us from the start we born until the end we died.