January 4, 2014

You, yourself.

Stop searching for homes in other people because home is inside of you, and it always has been. You’ve been looking inside other people’s homes for so long, that you forgot you had one inside of you. It’s covered in dusts and webs, but all it needs is a little cleaning. Find home inside of yourself and rebuild it because you are the only person capable of finding a home inside of yourself.

Stop looking for people to save you. Nobody is going to save you even if you feel like they are. The only person that can ultimately, is you. You, alone are the only person with the ability to save yourself. That is so, so important to know and remind yourself about because other people are not your cure. They are only capable of doing so much, but remember, in the end, it’s all up to you, and you can do it if you stop looking for places to place your scars and wounds, and dropping it there every single time to only come back with bigger scars.

Build your own home inside of you, and do it again. Do it again and don’t ever let anyone take that ability away from you because that is powerful. It’s powerful that you build homes inside of you that are yours, and not anyone else’s.